MPE staffs electrical safety testing

mpe staffs electrical safety testing

Electrical Safety Testing

Fixed wiring inspections

Whether you require a single one off test or a whole installation inspected and tested, we have the experience and knowledge to tailor this service to your needs.

Electrical installations should be tested regularly to ensure there is little chance of deterioration leading to danger.  

Our services are designed to ensure public buildings are in compliance with the law (Health and Safety at Work act 1974), meeting legal obligations to provide a safe place of work. 

After completion, you will receive an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) which will state satisfactory or unsatisfactory.  The time between inspection periods is dependant upon what the environment is and the condition of the installation.

The maximum recommended periodic test frequency are:

  • Commercial                 5 years or change of occupancy
  • Industrial                     3 years or change of occupancy
  • Public Buildings          1 – 5 years dependant on use

For other types of use please contact us for further information.

Emergency light inspections

This electrical safety check is to ensure that your emergency lighting system is fit for purpose and operates correctly under a power failure.  Emergency lighting is a requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act and is guided by the BS 5266 which recommends that you have regular checks and tests carried out.

These are:

  • Daily Checks – Visual checks of indicators and condition
  • Monthly checks – Partial functional test usually carried out by a competent person
  • Annual checks – Full functional test usually carried out by a competent person